Logistics centre in Straelen

From the smallest screw from our screw warehouse to complete operating equipment

Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at WEWO . And if something is missing from our 10,000 m² of storage space, 3,000 pallet spaces and 15,000 metres of shelving, we will be happy to manufacture it especially for you.

Our logistics services at a glance:

Standard shipping 24 hours

Express delivery throughout Europe

High quality cardboard boxes

Short delivery times

for customised parts through in-house production. You need special parts for repairs or maintenance? WEWO realises your order promptly, if necessary on the same day. Delivery times of 4-6 weeks are saved.

Highest delivery capacity

Spaciously equipped logistics centre, smooth processes, connection to the purchasing association of German hardware retailers EDE. Shipping directly from the central warehouse in Wuppertal.

Pickup in the store

Through our smart priority system, a pick-up of a position of stock is possible within 5 minutes.

High quality cardboard boxes High quality cardboard boxes

High quality cardboard boxes

Gigantic EU warehouse

In addition, we keep only high-quality, European screw products in our separate EU warehouse for you, which of course comply with the special brand specifications. Logistics centre & screw warehouse in Straelen - we make it work!

Logistics centre, screw warehouse
Logistics centre, screw warehouse
Logistics centre, screw warehouse
Logistics centre, screw warehouse

Store / pick-up service at the logistics centre

In our store at Kromsteg 34, which is directly connected to the modern and generously equipped logistics centre in Straelen, we enable you to spontaneously procure and directly take away the products you need. In addition to personal advice, you will find more than 60,000 items here: from screws to tools, work safety, factory equipment, chemical products, etc.

Logistics centre, screw warehouse

WEWO Vehicle fleet

Personal delivery required? Then talk to us. An arrangement with third-party suppliers who need access to your premises is then no longer necessary.

Further Services from WEWO at Overview.

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