Whether offline scan or online, whether several shelves or just one, with the WECO APP you can record your requirements in no time.

If you are looking for a Kanban system according to the motto "SAVE EASY SMART" then watch our video on WECO system supply!

WECO APP Download

Advantages of the APP:

Simply set it up together with the WEWO Kanban tool and you're ready to go.

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Independent system

No installation of software or hardware in your rooms necessary. (WECO APP and WECO Smartphone)

Scan / demand triggering

From the workplace (from the screen or PDF)

A complete overview 

Always keep an eye on what has already been scanned

Park an order first and then scan on later

Transparency, all data available while on the move:

Item description, item images, filling quantities, your item number, your storage location on the shelf.

Record notes or project numbers at item level

Any more questions? Then take a look at our WECO APP Quickguide Video.

You would like to find out about our service levels, then click here!

The service levels

WECO System delivery 2.0

We are always looking for your optimal solution.

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