Kanban system from WEWO at Overview.

advantages permanent inventory, digitalisation of purchasing processes, optimisation of the procurement process

WECO-CLOUD: 100% digital inventory

The innovation: reduce inventories & purchasing processes and digitise them 100% at the same time!

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WECO Kanban Boarding

Celebrate success together, optimise your C-parts procurement with us.

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WECO Kanban service levels

You decide how much time you still want to invest in C-parts management.

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Kanban shelving, Kanban shelving system, Kanban, Weco

WECO Kanban shelves

100 years of concentrated experience in storage technology. Our partner Schulte Lagertechnik, based in Sundern, focuses on clever...

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digital business processes

WECO Kanban Tool

If you are looking for a duct system according to the motto "SAVE EASY SMART" then watch our video on WECO system supply...

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