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You already know your way around and have no further questions? Then go directly to the shop here:

Go directly to the shop here.

Would you like to get to know our shop better? Then we have summarised the most important points for you:

Are you looking for standard and fastening parts and need a quick way to search for features such as DIN or ISO, material or coating?

Then use our DIN/ISO search under the category standard and fastening parts.

In the following example, we would like to quickly search for a DIN 933 in strength class 8.8 in galvanised. You can use the scroll bar to select the desired standard, or you can enter the standard directly in the field.

Complete the other desired characteristics and have the result displayed. Click on the search hit to get to the overview of the desired product group.

To the example product

You can also use the image-driven search which is arranged in alphabetical order.

In the example eyebolts, here you can choose the group in the desired expression.

If necessary, you can also insert features at this level.

Added items in the shopping cart can be further edited as follows.


Add references/commissions/construction projects to the individual items if this information helps you when receiving or providing the goods.

Additional position

Add more items with WEWO item number or your item number. The shop knows your articles if you have registered and your article number is known to WEWO.


The current available stock is calculated in real time for each item. The available stock is displayed per location. Thus, if available at the location, a pick-up could be arranged.

Save shopping cart

You also have the option of saving shopping baskets to be able to order recurring requirements quickly. If necessary, you can also set all items to 0 and save the shopping basket. If you want to order the saved shopping basket later, you only have to add a quantity to the items you want to order. Items with no quantity are not recognised as order items. In this way, you can save a shopping basket with e.g. 10 items as a template and then quickly and easily order from 2 items if necessary.

Assign a name for the shopping cart

Decide whether the shopping basket should only be saved for your account or also for your colleagues with access, company-wide. You will find the saved shopping basket in the top right-hand corner of the login area, user account.