Cold welding and corrosion on stainless steel is a recurring problem for every technician. Once the screw is stuck, nothing can be done - often the only thing that helps is an angle grinder. This not only impedes a smooth workflow, but also gets on your nerves. But can you do something about it in advance?
Preventing cold welding of stainless steel - this is how!

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This is, of course, a situation that no one wants to have. We see ourselves as partners and problem solvers at your side and have asked ourselves: How can this be avoided simply and efficiently? And how can we support you in solving the problem?

Stainless steel fasteners (and also other stainless materials) can "seize" when tightened. This is the so-called "cold welding" that occurs at room temperature for various reasons. The material then fits so tightly into each other that it comes close to normal welding. Factors that cause cold welding are wrong torques, contaminated or faulty threads and different or wrong materials. The subject of cold welding has been known for many years and since then people have been looking for the simplest possible means to make the work easier. There are many possibilities and methods that have been developed since then. Many work with various greases or anti-seize pastes. This works well, but it is time-consuming and you have to use it correctly, so sources of error are inevitable.

In cooperation with our partner, we can now offer you a simple, effective, sustainable and practical alternative: The anti-cold welding coating! This high-quality and resistant coating meets the highest technical requirements. The constantly low friction coefficient of 0.12 µG prevents cold welding. Stainless steel fasteners pre-treated with this coating can be screwed together at up to 800 revolutions per minute and loosened again at any time without being destroyed. For you, this means maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness and, at the same time, saving resources such as time and money. Another advantage for you: the coating complies with the strictest rules of legislation in terms of quality and the environment. Therefore, these ready-to-use threaded connections can be used directly in the food/pharmaceutical industry, offshore, maritime, structural and civil engineering.

Efficient and cost-saving

Working with fasteners coated by us is for the following reasons
efficient and cost-saving:

  • Up to 800 rotations instead of 25 rotations per minute, thus up to 32 times faster screwing!
  • Meets FDA requirements and is also approved in pharmaceutical and. Complies with ELV (2000/53/EC)
  • coating from natural raw materials and minerals and is therefore environmentally friendly!
  • For maintenance work, easy detachability of the fastening
  • Each screw connection can be used straight from the packaging Resistant to salt and fresh water (960 hours salt spray test)
  • Harmless for humans and the environment
  • Assembly with an impact wrench is possible under certain conditions
  • Thin, non-soluble film instead of thick, difficult-to-dose lubricants
  • Applicable from -140°C to +1400°C
  • Screws are reusable several times

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