E-Coll, our own brand!

E-COLL will convince you. Our range includes more than 650 chemical-technical products. As a European brand for chemical-technical products, E-COLL is a must-have for professionals from industry and trade. The sub-brands positioned within the wide range of products bundle products with a special focus.

Quality, design and prices are right.

E-COLL products are characterised by high quality and a good price-performance ratio and are designed for professional users with high demands.

  • MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS: such as surface protection products, release agents, installation products, marking products, oil binding agents, floor cleaning products.
  • LUBRICANTS: such as greases, oils, cutting agents
  • CLEANING PRODUCTS: such as processing equipment, parts cleaning, solvents, thinners, skin protection products, skin care products, automotive cleaning products.
  • ADHESIVESAND SEALANTS: such as fillers, glues, building foams, silicones, screw locks, spray adhesives
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WD 40

Who doesn't have a can in their household or workshop?

Did you know that this multifunctional product was developed over 60 years ago by three employees of the Rocket Chemical Company and served as a water displacement solution for NASA launch vehicles?
It took chemist Norwan Lawson and his team 40 trials to come up with the world-famous formula. This gave the product its name.

The recipe is a well-kept secret and has never been changed until today. Click here for the maintenance & care products from WD-40

About the product

Do you have a need for products that are used in the food industry?

Then WEWO is the right place for you. We are happy to supply you with our certified H1 lubricants that are approved for the food and feed industry. (NSF - National Sanitary Foundation)

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