According to the survey, 81.6% of all Kanban/system deliveries do not run smoothly according to plan.

Optimisation looks different! How can this be? Customers have told us that there are no timetables on both sides and that they only receive a deadline on which the construction starts. As a result, delays in delivery, missing articles, wrong sequences of article sorting, etc. are problematic.

Start your process optimisation together with us. We will work with you to develop the right concept for your needs.

Is supplier optimisation also an issue for you? WEWO offers you a "one-stop" solution as a partner! Please feel free to contact us.

As a solution to these problem points, we have created our onboarding checklist for you, so that you always have the overview as well as the security:

  • when?
  • has who?
  • what?
  • until when?
  • to do?
  • and who is responsible for which area?

And off you go, how do you find a start? Very simple!

  • Do you have an article list with consumption quantities?
  • Do you know approximately how much space you have available for a shelf?

Designate shelf space and leave contact details, or book appointment directly with our Kanban specialist

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Kanban storage can be so uncomplicated - with WEWO. Individually according to your needs, with high-quality products and high-quality racking systems. Convince yourself and get to know WEWO as your partner for C-parts management.

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