The basis in the procurement process

As a company with a structured or systematic ordering process, you have already done a lot right. You have separated individual processes, contractually agreed framework agreements or prices and/or already have a kanban system? So everything is in perfect order? Without an automated and digitalised procurement process, you will only ever reach a certain process savings limit, especially for C-parts! With over 500 successfully implemented customer projects, we know exactly the requirements and challenges of our customers.

Expenses in the event of late delivery, costs of expensive RFID technology including cable laying and mandatory network connection, lack of quantity consumption, goods without movement, lack of IT systems, necessary flexibility and much more.

The following pages will show you exactly how you can use WECO-Cloud to digitalise your entire procurement process, such as incoming goods/outgoing goods, and how you can also keep a permanent inventory for each item!

Average process cost sequence

As you are probably aware, every company has different process costs depending on its size, but the process is more or less always the same. However, if the process is interrupted by a stock shortage, quality problems or a late delivery, the costs and your effort increase exponentially! The time spent on your part and the pressure increase. Your focus should therefore be on saving strategic tasks such as supplier search and approval, supplier evaluation/development and supplier number as well as, within the framework of risk management, the reduction of possible costs due to quality and quantity problems.









THE WECO-CLOUD solution -

latest technology - 100% digital -

Optimise procurement processes thanks to 100% digital and permanent inventory

Thanks to the latest technology, WECO-Cloud enables you to reduce both your stock and purchasing processes and at the same time to digitise them 100%!

Process digitisation 100%
Time saving 100%

Down to the smallest detail - completely transparent!

WECO-Cloud enables you to carry out a fully comprehensive detailed evaluation of each individual sensor unit with all end devices. At the same time, it is extremely easy to adapt further sensor units during your company's growth or supplier reduction. The container is set remotely via WEWO - Set up - Fill the container with goods - Done!

"With WECO-Cloud, we can now quickly and easily view the stock of items on the shelf at any time and used items are automatically replenished". Simply great!

- Andritz AG

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advantages permanent inventory, digitalisation of purchasing processes, optimisation of the procurement process

Your expert and partner in the procurement process!

So that our customers can concentrate on their core business, we ensure that the right product is in the right place at the right time. We digitally monitor our customers' inventories and ensure resource-efficient delivery. Optimise procurement processes thanks to 100% digital and permanent inventory.

Why Shopping & Procurement Processes digitise?

The impact of the pandemic has meant that we find ourselves in a "new-work situation" worldwide and entrepreneurs and consumers are using more and more digital services. Representative studies by McKinsey(2021) and Bitkom(2021) concluded that every company should take time for
should take time for digitalisation!

By implementing your WECO Cloud system, you digitise your processes and save money:

  • Savings potential
  • Process effort

Error rate 96%
Time saving 96%
Effectiveness 95%
Effectiveness 95%
Incoming goods 100%
Litigation costs 100%
Inventory/ stock check 100%
Handling 95%

WECO Cloud "Single

With the possibilities of WECO-Cloud, you as a manager or buyer are not only able to automate your procurement process, you will also rethink your processes and inspire your customers at the same time!

  • PC, notebook, smartphone
  • detailed consumption graphs
  • Notification / order in case of minimum stock
  • 24h / Support
  • 150,000m² range
  • Secure login on German servers
  • Connection via EDI
  • own power source
  • Alarm at +60°C

The5kg sensor unit is particularly suitable for items with a low unit weight. Due to the tolerance range of 5g, these are recorded exactly and reflected in the dashboard, piece by piece.

The20kg sensor unit is the most used scale due to its load capacity of 20kg! The range of application leaves hardly anything to be desired and offers you far-reaching possibilities with the tolerance range of 20g.

You have the decision and choice for each individual sensor unit! You are free to assign a container to each sensor unit or to place your goods directly on the scale. Thanks to the four grooves at all corners, you can also attach cable drums, for example.

WECO Cloud "Double

Double the power and space for more!
The Double Sensorunit is perfectly designed for Kanban shelving systems or products permanently located in one place. The biggest advantage for you is clearly the variety of use as well as the double load capacity (10kg / 40kg).

Thanks to the intelligence of the double unit, you always have the choice of whether to stock two different items or a single item in a significantly larger quantity.

Like the single version, the double version is available in two versions:

2 x 5kg
2 x 20kg

WECO Cloud "U

The sensation!
Palletised goods in Kanban.

With WECO-Cloud U you have the unique possibility to integrate pallet goods into the Kanban system!

Whether liquids, gears, packaging material or other products, the U-Sensorunit gives you the freedom to act up to a maximum total weight of 1.5t.

Here, too, all the previously mentioned services of the WECO Cloud Systems are also available.

WECO-Cloud in your company - With WECO-Cloud you have the complete possibility to automate your procurement process from the demand request to the receipt of goods, saving time and costs. You will be amazed how great WECO-Cloud supports you! Due to the numerous application possibilities and the easy handling, WECO-Cloud ensures a smooth flow in your procurement process!

Innovation company since 1975

With more than 5,000 active customers and its own production facilities,WEWO is considered the market expert for the procurement of C-parts. WEWO is particularly known for its ability to meet deadlines at short notice, which gave rise to the claim "we make it work!

The family - know-how

As a family business, WEWO places particular emphasis on the further development of its own employees. Technical questions or customer problems are answered by our employees on the phone in >98% of cases.

WEWO's mission

Don't just be a supplier! WEWO sees itself as your personal process consultant who massively optimises and digitalises procurement processes and structures together with you. Safe, Easy, Smart is our motto, which we implement effectively with our WECO systems.